In short Graphtec is about:

  • Tailor-made production of POSM, commercial furniture, tobacco shelves, gas stations, shop fittings, signage,  independent letters, roof tops and others.
  • High manufacturing capacity for orders in large series.
  • Mastery in achieving atypical products on request with innovation in content, quality and reliability.
  • Customer support with specialized information throughout the order performing.
  • It is certified for 9 years in quality management ISO 9001 by DNV GL (Germanischer Lloyd Industrial Services GmbH) – Business Assurance
  • Offers all types of services available in our area-all manufactured by ourselves with specialists whom we trust.
  • Can and  knows how to do all types of products in this industry no matter how unusual or complicated they may seem.
  • All  products benefit from warranty and compliance certificate.
  • All products manufactured and marketed by us represent the quality of execution and commitment in the product’s lifetime.
  • Offers support for the technical project and advice to obtain the authorization for construction / installation works.
    The  products made by Graphtec Design are the result of the passionate inspirations and skills of 120 people confident in this activity!

In March 2017 we have 19 years of experience in this field, 19 years experience in hundreds of types of work, learning to overcome hundreds of different situations, all coming up to teach us something about how to move forward, pleased about us and our activity.

We thank all our customers that we exist!

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